Sunday, March 15, 2009

great great (Now tuning to Rock Hits @ RIA, jiwang beb)

it was a great saturday. the vcd which i bought ages ago, finally i had it unleashed from the plastic! i have read its novel some time ago and it was the first i read from Cecelia Ahern, following that, one or two more. She is the daughter of Ireland's Prime Minister and i have mentioned her in one of my archived posts. most of her novels are of romantic genre. i like her writing style and definitely, the romance :) i had my fav BJs ready andddd the review of this movie, it made my cry at some points, wayyy critical. i feel emotionally attached to this movie, seriously. i have never cried this much since Ayat-Ayat Cinta. depending on him whom you love dearly and losing him, so heart-breaking isnt it? and knowing that he is gone and he wants you to live your life, moving forward and falling in love again, that is so haizzz... i cant think of any words. oh pls, it is hurting me. BTW, hilary swank is HOTTA! her smile and teeth remind me of Julia Roberts.

There u go, movie + crying + B&J's , well icecream is the comfort thou.

P.S I love my pixie!

i was out for sanur befday treat some weeks ago and a friend was sharing with us about this chocolate KINDER egg which comes with a COIN. Coin? u mean money coin? and so i heard it wrongly and it was TOY! (probably, it was the tahu telur or kangkong) a choc with a surprise. i have never had that. i guess its childhood-deprived kinda feeling hehe. and so it cost me $1.70. before opening, i grabbed pixie in case some adults out there kinda wonder whats inside these eggs. so one side is the chocolate which comes with a mini-spoon to scrap out the choc (been eating the other kinder which comes in 2 biscuit sticks of mouth-watering chocolate, so that is nothing) and the other, the surprise. and it was ......

cute stuff and it is a convertible!!! heh heh.

ah, BTW i just remember that i will be putting out the P-plate on 19 march 2009 andd the best thing is, I have not been driving since God-knows-when. Shux.
(OMG, on-air now : Tiara by Kris. Check tat out on youtube ! Juara Lagu. Memory lane yo.)

moving forward, work. i am happy with whatever i am doing now. cant grumble too much now that well, things arent tat good as before, i mean economically. so alhamdulilah with watever im going through now. thou it is hell tiring from mon-fri but well, great weekend is the best remedy :) i am just soo waiting for the end of this month :)