Saturday, September 26, 2009

ahh finally.

finally, the layout is back to normal. i thought that it is gonna be forever that i am going to desert it :)

a month of fasting has passed and its 7th day of Syawal. i had a pretty long weekend and the moment i was at my office desk, there the brain froze. serious, really no joke. i didnt know what and where to begin with. it was a complete 10 secs that i just sat and paralyzed! :) i brought some cookies for fellow colleagues and most of them landed inside my mouth. hehe. like crazy having these stuff around me. i like it that the week is short and ALHAMDULILAH, my days went quite smoothly. since weeks before fasting, i have always wanted my Starbucks caramel frap, my old time favorite. last night after work despite having an aching neck due to the really uncomfortable 1.5 hrs NAP during my journey home, i made sure i landed myself in Starbucks. Yummay it tasted so good (finally, my craving has been fulfilled). with my sudoku (CLUEDO version, bought it @ pageone), it was a very satisfying 1.5 hrs of coffee, numbers and ambiance until.....

(Miley Cirus' Climb ringtone...)

At the other line : Mak Su, Tok Ki ask, when are you coming back to send me home ?

DOInnkkkkk. It was little niece. Luckily, I was almost done. Else, it would have turned out to be a very bad Friday Night. Just imagine while having the first sip and the hp rang.

i have checked out some beginner keyboards which cost $199 @ Best Denki, Junct 8. Surprised that there is one under Yamaha. So probably, I might consider it before CASIO. Ah, while browsing at Page One, i bumped into Keyboard for Beginner kit!! hehe. It comes with CDs , manuals yadayada but there wasnt any price tag. Maybe i shall go back again and if everything is in order, i will grab it. i have not decided the spot in my room to place the keyboard, but definitely i need a power source. actually, i am left with not much choice. actually, i can only place it at one place which is near my window and my pretty curtains, hehe.

family and I might be going for a shortie trip to aunt's place in JB tomorrow. apparently, dad is on clinical drugs and he couldnt drive. so, yeaaa..probably i might be driving and Monday is my official absence from work !! :)