Saturday, April 18, 2009

desperate for break.

after much hardwork packing for the office re-location and meeting the deadlines and running all over the place to get things done, i need to do something over this weekend which starts today! it was nephew's 8th birthday yesterday and after a hefty fish and chips,sundae,toys and while mum and the 2 aunts blabbering, gossiping and letting out anger and frustration over sumptuous dinner @ swensens, he fell asleep on the table. argh. i didnt take that pic. :)

nevertheless, the 8 yr old birthday boy.

didnt know what he actually likes so i called him up the day before. XBOX and PSP and tonnes of games. what else he needs but the next fav thing is ben10. i was actually caught up in getting the toy fixed and swearing how it actually functions. at last, we got it but it wasnt that impressive enough as impressive as the price!

actually i feel lazy. its hot and im sleepy now and its only 4PM.

tat aside, i feel like having a trip back to memory place. wonder how things are like there now :) i must get out of here.