Saturday, March 07, 2009

hard work, hard play

barney & friends were among my first objects :)
i lovee my new coolpixie! finally, i can start clicking away :)
look out for more pics, coming soon :)

was at suntec city today for careers/education exhibition and like other career fairs i have attended last year, it was a disappointment. despite knowing that all too well, i went ahead with sis who just started her job-hunt. a dear monashian gave me a ring last night and my oh my, we have not had the chance to meet up yet. had a very sumptuous and well-deserved dinner at Sanur after so many donkey years. tahu telur and BBQ sotong are the must-havesss! i must get chocolates from Amadei. i came across this review about how good they are, quoting "a must have before you die"!!

coming this april, i will be with my new team of 4. this is my first time working in a team this big if i were to exclude end-year project teams back in NYP. touching on that, due to my sux-ling programming skills, i didnt contribute much in that area back then as there were smarter people around! was just an average stud who had so much fun in after-school activities. so that explains all. 3 years and i didnt practise what i have learnt even up till now. its like permanent erasure from my brain.

do not regret with what you did but instead, regret that you did not do. i regret that i didn't know what i wanted in life. it started way back after O level results in 1997. if I were to carefully decide what i wanted on that day, I would have gotten it now and being happy doing it. i am good in numbers and i should have known that and explored opportunities wrt to that strength. but i did not. i regret not doing that. nevertheless, life goes on and whatever i have achieved along the way, i am grateful to Allah. He loves us.