Monday, April 06, 2009


its 15mins past 12. and i just downloaded some pics. was busy with facebook. will update this bloggie. i am happy. but weekend is over. my stomach is way bloated and today is niece's 5th birthday.

(Yesterday) Niece on the phone : "Do you know tomorrow is my birthday?"

Kids nowadays.

i watched confessions of a shopaholic over the weekend. and after spending a pretty hefty amount for my new E71, i tot to myself..this shopaholic is hell crazy! any woman out there being this very extra-ordinary towards SHOPPING? tat aside, this movie is good man..way gooddd that i have a very very good laugh over this shopaholic's selengehness (clumsiness). i love her character and seriously, with a good-looking lead actor hey, things get more juicier yo (*drooling*)

i am not in the SHOPAHOLIC category (lemme see, last month it was a digi camera ONLY) SO i am not feeling guilty at all. so finally this...

i still remember, the last white handbag was from my dearest monashian gals. and white reminds me of my watch which cost me $20 @ vivocity AND my bro thought it was 100++.

and ultraRED-looking E71 :


a story behind this phone. over 2 days, its my 2nd set from Singtel. the 1st one wasn't meant for me. i need not explain :)


[ e z z y ] said...

psst, what do you mean by you need not explain the 2 handphone sets?
sila explain, the 1st handset untuk siapaaaa hehehe.

and the white bag! rindu bayangan kenangan lalu :D

oh and i absolutely love your new purchases (:

whoisjee. said...

hi ezie! lemme explain. the 2nd set is not for any newly-found-one :)not to worry that if i am seeing someone, you will know. hehe. 1st set freaked out on 2nd day and I got its replacement the following day. BTW, i will never buy hp for HIM, whoever that person will be. And yep, after these purchases I have to stop swiping for the next 2weeks. *sabarr sabarr*