Saturday, March 21, 2009

i want nobody nobody but you.

heard of Wondergirls from Korea?
didnt know they exist until i heard them on RIA. you know when they keep repeating similar track on their morning show. so i thought they must be good and its "Nobody". very catchy track and it reminded me of PUDAR by Rossa. catch them @ youtube. their MV is cute and with an element of humor. their dancemoves are kinda cute too and amazingly ultra-synchronised hence its really nice to look at. very young bunch of gals, as young as 16, yes i wikipedia-ed them. :) their founder planned to have their US debut soon so hmmm... i think they are just like PCD. they can dance and they can sing, thou i cant understand a thing but hey, music is universal.

i am officially a strawberry-addict. bought a box of korean strawberries from coldstorage. munching strawberries. really didnt see this coming until i read a blog which i have been following up regularly. she loves strawberries and chocolate ( heard about the strawberries-chocolate "hantaran" from Datuk K to Siti Nurhaliza ?). and because i believe that i should try something which i think we should do it and not delay so the outcome, i am addicted to them hehe. it all started with strawberries mini tart from delifrance. they are juicily gooddd. yummay :)

picture speaks thousands wordsssss.....

BTW, whats the meaning of a moth dropping by your room ? bad ? andd it was my wardrobe.

had them for my camera tests hehe.

OH and also, will this template work when checking out our local guys ? :)

1. Are you single ?

2. Are you gay ?

3. Are you working ?