Saturday, January 24, 2009

uncertain all over.

the last i posted was like more than 2 weeks ago. work was hectic especially when there is org restruction. that has got nothing to do with me BUT when it comes to IT operations, there are likely to be more new and change requests. the environment is getting "hotter" and everything have to be done fast.

lately, waking up for work had been like a torture to me. its like in my mind, i have to be there facing God-knows-what-else. despite all these dugaan, i just need Allah to guide me and gimme the strength and the ability to stand on these 2feets to go thru the coming days. i need to be stronger internally.

on a lighter note, its long weekend. i will do my very best to slack! btw, i was at MOE HQ yesterday and i went excited and turned into a JAKUN. their lifts do not work like how normal lifts do. you must be wondering why is that so ? lemme explain :

How does normal general lift work ?

1.Press Up or Down button at any of the lift entrances

2. Once the cabin reaches your floor, light/sound alerts you and you will walk over to that lift

3. Once inside the cabin, press floor num

How does MOE HQ lift work ?

1. Press your FLOOR number on the panel which comes with a display screen and wait for a while to see the alphabet that will appear to guide you to the corresponding lift(yes, i am typing correctly)

WOW. how much did they spend on this lift system? i was impressed so i just have to share this and while in the cabin, i did some eavesdropping and samsung building also has this. besides their lifts, security clearance are systemised. respect lah MOE. :)

13th January 2009, cousin was doing well after natural delivery of my new nephew. Emir, healthy and alert. barely 2 days, his eyes were wide opened scrutinizing the people around. smart boy. shall post his pic soon :)

i had a very strange dream last night. it was about a Monashian fren whom i hardly chatted and stayed contact with since he left for somewhere else. we were in a room with some people which i couldnt make it out who they were and he was trying to tell me something through writings on a pictured frame on the wall. clearly i could see his face smiling and trying hard to tell me something. the funny thing is he didnt want other people who were sitting with me in the room to know what the message was and that frame actually was able to slide and expose more pictures within. i saw some scribblings on it but i just couldnt figure out.then, he signalled me his stomach and gestured his hands which looked like a bum (a pregnant woman?) and somehow the word milk came to my mind. a pregnant woman and milk and himself. what is the meaning of that dream? the only thing that i hope is that i can get hold of him and share this with him :)