Saturday, February 03, 2007

am i the only one?. Monash school song. Controversial penalty.

i feel so the malu when my broinlaw actually knew latest songs more than myself. OMG. a 42 yr old VS 20 + (*i know lah im old*). its becos of the bloody P2P software that worked against me for no apparent reason! others are happily receiving(hey, giving is more afdal k) and me? ugh. terpaksa meminta belas simpati from others like COUSIN! haha

wats up with my melayu ek? so i tried to test it on farah when she sms-ed me the following:-

(btw, its bloody long haha)
Farah: hi gz, im in the train now. i was looking ard skali i saw monash collegenye advertisement."monash college offered me direct into 2nd yr monash uni"hehe...."ANCORA IMPARO" feel so honour gitu

Me: ok, honor on which part of tat?huhu. Kasi smangat membara lagi mewujudkan kekentalan semangat berjuang dalam mencapai impian setiap graduan Monash

Ah kau. haha. maybe farah gave me some face that she understood the msg which i tried to put across. haha! tq farah! anyway, if im not mistaken ...someone said that how come Monash doesnt have a SCHOOL SONG??? (hmmmm wondering) haha. a school song that have to be sung every morning at the uni campus foyer..with all those sunway college kids in their minds of WTFs! haha. and someone selengeh-ly raise the Monash flag at the bottom of the main uni stairs haha. i think the only people who are gonna be there will be the Vice Chancellor + MUSA + persekutuan kuncu2 hehe. evil evil.

in the papers , since the alleged match of the very unnecessary penalty..splashed all over the papers about its controversy. and on tv, Thai coach was so frustrated that at the media after the match, he stormed out of the room after saying like "Today's comment is no comment!". what a pathetic question from the floor since they knew that he was fuming over the whole penalty controversy. ANYWAY, i hope Singapore wins the Cup. talking abt the cup, a TNP journalist wrote that it should be better named the "Mickey Mouse Cup" because according to him, it looked as though from the way the tournament was being organised and game being handled, it has not reached a regional standard yet and not to say even near the international one. where is the professionalism man! so yeah..he has the point there.


Farah said...

hey.. hey.. actually I was shocked when u replied me that msg. Tak faham pun fahamkan... ahhaaa...

jee1633 said...

HAHA. i knew it! HAHA. "kau paham? aku pun tak paham"- Senario