Friday, February 09, 2007

randomness II

. ok. im not trying to be a traitor here k. hehe. im amused that they have these flags just outside a surau (mini mosque). so patriotic yo.

a view from the above @ Genting cable car. syiok seol!

hell yeah i like this paint. its like from 1km away, i can c it!

along the harbour....where it rest on the sea accompanied by the blanket of stars..

am i potek or wat but is tat mosque on the sea or wat?? view from Mahkota Hotel, Malacca.

the last BBQ i had, the prawns were HEAVEN! more, more, more..

by the breakwater, where feelings were poured nearby where i FELL into the sand HALF TO MIDNITE. UGH

outside east entrance of national stadium during Asean Cup Championship. First leg. SIN vs THAI.

Commando *cheecheongfun* HAHA.