Saturday, February 24, 2007

its just coming back.

yesterday was the first time i stepped in Medan(the usual makan place, me and the rest of the clan have lunch). like finally since 3 months ago! i miss the lunch times we had for the past semesters, i miss the food, i miss the horn sounds that are truely irritating to the core and i miss the COMPANY. HOWEVER, soon it will just be back as normal.

AND yesterday, was the first time i bought BURGER for this year. wahahahaha. *ROLL EYES GALS* heh, not normal one this time OK. its BEEF DOUBLE SPECIAL + CHEESE. ahh kau! the older is "ayim"(not sure of the spelling), the younger is "aidil". sempat seol! hehe.

AND...ezie is BEAMING with happiness these few days..i wonder why.(HAHAHA).

"berseri-seri je. Dah kahwin kot?" HAHA.

OMG. this is really CUTE GILER and it made me laugh and cry for the morning.

Enjet Enjet Semut Music Video


Tan said...

Hungry by reading ur post. EZlink is beaming?? U mean the card has a new design?? :p Although i dun know her and the rest well enough to joke(jus did it anyway), best wishes to u n the rest of ur sg.gang there in sunway!

Have a good start in this new semester! will be rooting all of you from sg!


[ e z z y ] said...

HAHA yes sempat.

jee1633 said...

HAHA. THANK YOU, teacher!

Anyways, pples! this is teacher Raymond..say Good Morning, Class. hehe.

ezie- sempat of cos! hehe