Thursday, February 01, 2007

To zuok01

what had happened earlier today and what i have shared and advised you, seriously give them some thoughts. He wanted to teach you a lesson or rather knock some sense into yourself. and pls dont ever think that he is not actually interested in your life or watsoever. hey, we are humanbeings, for goodness sake! for what you have asked for and been given the opportunity and maybe he wanted to see what you are up to. you have gone too far, i tell you frankly ok. before it eats you up, better do something like self-control yo! we do not mean to make fun of what you are doing during those precious time of your life but hey, there is another person involved. his future is in your hands. if you keep repeating the same mistake and total ignorance by yourself, he will suffer for sure. yea u say ok ok..but in longer term, what will become of him? sometimes i see him alone. mmg padan muker kau, dier buat macam tu! nampak je dier diam je...tapi dalam hati, he must be very sad. you told us how he behaved lately right. NOW, its not THAT matter only but this person we are more concerned. dont regret later on and like what i have said, dont until it snowball to further bigger/complex problem because at the end of the day, all fingers will be pointing at YOURSELF.


Anonymous said...

Thank you jee..i will take note of your advice and will do something good about it...your concern is very appreciated here....see you around jee..