Monday, February 05, 2007

Hari Ini Dan Semalam. Library "Kids".

im feeling so old-skul now cos im listening to "Hari Ini Dan Semalam" which was given a new breather by Sixth Sense(another group that i have totally no idea seriously) and that was originally by J.Mizan. sungguh mengayat hati when i think of the phrase "Hari Ini Dan Semalam"! its like no days will be just the same like past days (sob.sob tsk.tsk) BUT i have learnt that to make tomorrow much better than today(its so hard thou to make that happen, cos everyday i shake leg. so
what can be better than today, for tomorrow ?!)

i was in library today and the norm, "kids" in skul uniforms gatal-ing around, talking so loud like their fathers own the place. i was utterly distracted by these 2 teens, somehow were acting so childish like smacking each other at times while most of the time so engrossed in finishing up their homework which is MALAY LANGUAGE??!! HAHAH. (ofcos i could actually eavesdropped at what they were discussing about, haha. seriously, my focus-span is low! and i hope that they dont turn into GAYS haha). but seriously, i miss my youth days! looking at those "kids" carrying thick, big library books, with backpacks of many different styles, laughing around instead of DISCUSSING (those attitude is so not a surprise, growing up wat) but sometimes, its just irritating. come on, its a L.I.B.R.A.R.Y for goodness sake! when are these "kids" gonna learn.

anyway, just starting to feel so moody. its like i cant stand staying in one place here. its like, i just wanna stay out and not coming back. i dono why. probably, i have had enough of "stale" air here and need some "fresh" air. this might be my last LONG holiday. its finally february and ... haiz..i donno what to say anymore. i m just looking forward to a holiday destination where there is peace + fresh air + quietness...