Saturday, February 10, 2007


I GOT THE SONG which early this morning, i was so bloody wondering who sings this particular jiwang BUT nice piece. ok, obviously the singer's voice is not tat recognisable DESPITE the fact there are not that many male singers in Malaysia. ANYWAY, yes! the singer is Felix AF3 and title is "Aku Pencintamu"(y is that it has to be somewhere near "Pencinta Wanita" ?!) I cant find any decent video clip of Felix except those recorded during his outdoor performance which i find not that clear and nice to listen to. SO, i came across a guy who strummed the song and SANG! OMG. his voice is damn nice wei! check out vid below. nice nice nice! anyway, i suspect he is young and maybe a MAT haha! and this MAT really knows his stuff very well. Bravo!

i went to my EX-sec school area where i have not been there for a long long long time, since hmmm late 1996. if not for cousin, it will add more donkey years to the record haha. AND i met an ex-classmate ! such a nice coincidence and recalling back the old days and old frens back then.

met cousin for ICE CREAM waffles at Gelare. superb! and its the last day we meet for now before i set off next saturday. 4 more months, cousin. wait for my permanent return and its for good. wat was tat word again ??? "earning my own.." hehe.


Anonymous said...

hi jee..abt the felix's video clip he's playing guitar and awesome yeah...did he compose the song himself...he sure knows how to make the song comes alive...i give him two thumbs up jee u going back to ya studies soon rite..b4 that happens why not u and me..we spend sometime together outside b4 ur departure..the treat is on me ok..sure we will miss ya bt make sure u will make it this year the last year u study overseas continue to write ur blog cos it realy keep me company...if u really have free time do cotinue writing..studies comes first u know...keep in touch with me about our outing later and u know who am i..IMVU stays ALIVE!!..hehe

jee1633 said...

tat MAT ..hes fabulous isnt he?! originally from Felix, so that guitar guy in the video is not Felix. i dont think so Felix compose that song but this MAT mentioned that he tried to make up the chord himself, AND his voice not bad rite. yes yes, its gonna be my last semester and i will make sure i suffer and live in miserY back in uni. HAHA. continue reading my blog and PLS HEED ADVICES.haha