Sunday, February 11, 2007


To you.

friend whom had made your days so wonderful. friend who had spend time, caring and listening. friend whom you still have vivid memories of. friend whose advices worth listening and implementing. friend whom you wish that they never go. friend whose name you remember for a long time that if one day, someone were to ask you whether you know him too, you will proudly say YES, i know him. with a tear, not regretting that you have crossed paths with him. pls dont say its not fair cos its a very short period of time because everything happens for a reason. be it a coincidence or not, this is what we call Fate.


Anonymous said...

wow...very sentimental yo!
anyway, valentines eh...i've had it SOLO for years...*sob**sob*...hope u have a good celebration still with your family and friends....and yes! gd luck with the final lap of the race GeeGee.

jee1633 said...

yeah...sentimental seriously, only God knows.[separation]. anyway, yes the final lap of race, aku nak nangis ni tau. i will be leaving this saturday, and keep in touch on msn thou i seldom see you online AND an advance HAPPY VALENTINES to you =]

Farah said...

sob..sob.. u make me cry this very sec. :( I tanx god that we crossed path.

[ e z z y ] said...

can i cry?

jee1633 said...

gals :) . i make sure that i prepare more boxes of tissue in condo later. my very sincere thought and for both of them who have flew away to a destination where old/new friends await them, i m sure they will not forget the old ones yeah.