Friday, February 23, 2007


had a hell of time today @ one-utama. got my sandals like FINALLY. shop + eat + Dreamgirl + coffeeBEAN + eat. so dead tired. Picctureeesss!

this costs me 23 bucks!!

@ Italiannies, One-Utama

where else but CoffeeBean


the superbly on cloud9 ezie! hehe

hmm. seriously, i donno what i was asking for from ezie heh


far-- said...

italiannies!!! oh i love the food there lah. the spaghetti sedap giler!

ok. tak lah giler. but u get the idea. =p

jee1633 said...

HAHA. i ate this chicken sinfully served with lots of white sauce + spanish. it just "melt" in the mouth haha.

jee1633 said...

OK. spanish sounded so WEIRD TO BE EATEN haha! spinach ar like MR POPEYE! omg. POPEYE. SEJARAH SILAM SEH! HAHA

[ e z z y ] said...

we should try eating at Olive's one day.