Wednesday, February 21, 2007

sad sad.

ezie and i went to the much hyped movie which have made so many people shed tears in the cinema. "Qabil Khurshry Qabil Igam". how sad can it be. THAT was what i wondered UNTIL i sat and CRIED totally "burok"(horrible) to the max! haha. so sad u know. AND the first cry made my whole head so HOt, i donno why. i just felt so hot. tears shed like crazy when those very emotional scenes took place. after the movie, i went to the loo and saw my eyes in the mirror and i was like WTH. my eyes were bloody red yo. ugh. horrible. i did not expect to be that bad. ugh. i washed up to reduce the redness but still it was there till to the extend that when i walked, some pple started to look into my eyes totally curious to what had happened to this fella.haha. SO, ezie suggested ICE CREAM to reduce our heat esp me. haha. anyway we bought these cute mini pastries at Delifrance.

we took cab home and ezie made pureness "lawak" in the cab that actually made the "abang taxi" giggled like crazy bcos she spotted her favorite RAMLAH RAM song from his tuner and i told him about the BIG HEART which she wore last time and its ezie's favorite. it must be ezie's total excitement about that song that just tickled his heart too much. gelak sakan betol wei.

anyway, its good to end our outing with LAUGHTER. cant wait for tomoro's drama, this time with wen!


far-- said...

sad rite sad rite!

told u!!!!

i love that movie man. tapi yang agak bodoh is when hans was dancing to the hindi song. reminds me of salman khan with the sleeveless black that he was wearing. haha!

jee1633 said...

HAHA. far, thats kental to the max haha. BUTT...ezie minat giler kat dier DESPITE watever he wears. ANDD. she loves the scene when he spoke to ziana zain on the bench near the beach. mcm romantic lah gitu.