Saturday, February 03, 2007

reunion. Kluang, my childhood playground

ah. finally i got to meet the gals(ex-NYPians) and to my surprise, yuhana has a daughter of 4 mnths old! how fast time flies man. haslinah with her baby boy, cute seh and MOTHER with our lil "sister"..hahaha. shes very shy, so unlike Mother and Father! haha. Lis got married on Saturday and seriously this lovely couple sing quite good wei! im amazed and i really salute those pple who karaoke-d at her reception. they are bloody good man! haha. not many chances have i came upon very acceptable voices.its like FINALLY!

i didnt have the chance to snap group pic or even of the newly-wed couple haha. but i have one with diana. its not always that we are in baju kurung ok!

did some catching up the gals. see, it has been so long since i met them that now they are like with babies. haha. i felt so out-of-place, yada yada. hehe. n seriously, im so proud of these young mummys.

Kluang, my auntie's house. thats where me and cousin enjoyed our childhood with the budak2 kampong back in the early 90's. u know, the gatal2 boys...the touching here and there when we played some fun games like ZEROPOINT, and some other kinds. we only get to meet them like twice which were the weddings of my other elder cousins. its damn fun, along the roadside or should i say, the memory lane. The location to be exact is Jalan Keembong, Kluang. I just got back from there with cousin and families and yeaaaa...the road, the houses..looked all the same except that me and cousin realised that the roads are quite narrower and we were like asking to ourselves whether this road got narrower OR we are bloody outgrown! haha. it just felt nice to be back at my old childhood playground.

have u like eaten "goreng pisang" with "sambal kicap CILI API" ??!! the sambal tasted WTH! haha

check out that photo frame on the wall on the right. an old-skul hanging frame of local fruits and that has been there very bloody long man. Classic yo!

and yesh, this kind of fridge which have never been seen by my own little nieces + nephews before ! haha, period.