Wednesday, February 07, 2007

"weee weet".

niece learnt a new phrase from moi and im so proud of her! haha. i was wearing a brand new blouse which i got it at a so bloody-cheap price like arnd 8 bucks and its of her favorite color, PINKKK(ok, u really have to EMPHASIZE on the K like niece, her pronunciation of K is like so kelat). anyyway, she saw it and she went like wahh saper punyer ni...jeejee punyer...cantek lahhh. PIN(K) lahhh..(*haha*). so when i was about to go out with her and dad, i called her to wear her shoes and just did a "weee weeet" to her. ok, the best part is...she followed the "weee weeet" as well and did to my dad. and so, i told niece, when u see the "wee weeet" and when u see gabriel(her bestfren in playgroup), do that too. and u know wat bloody hell happened! as we were approaching the car, two boys and their mum just got back from school and she went "weee weeet" to them! HAHAHA. YESH AR! mission accomplished...hahaha. dad was so stunned.

dad : aper makner tu "weeee weet" ?

niece : *looking at me, with a blank face not knowing what to reply* baju jeejee cantek lah, WEEEE WEETTTT....

me (with a diabolical laughter) and dad found it too hilarious. so yeaaa..thats the way gal! haha. the entertainment of the day before we headed to KFC for late lunch+ dinner.

i spent the night at sis place. we were watching this malay drama on Suria called SEKsa about sex education stuff for the teens of whom maybe the minority of them already so gatal to go around HUMPING each other and getting a big bump AND the worst i saw for yesterday's episode was the refusal of this bloody teen to take care of her own blood. goodness sake. ok, this is a real situation i tell you and her mum ended up raising her kid with this gal letting go of her responsibilities and go "berendek" at other places. ugh. such a turn-off yo.

sis : how can only with one child, and the daughter ended up like this?

me : i think, the parents not educated enough lah

ok, seriously...i blurted tat one out because from my point of view, non-possession of a good qualification has forced them to work around the clock hence overlooking the needs of a child. ok im not trying to be mean but its just my act of some observances of young mums who happened to be either with tattooed husbands or both of them, hurling vulgarities at their children to display unhappiness of whatever those kids had done or even just scolding them upside down in public. how can i not reply as above to sis ? im just utterly disgusted with their behaviour.

sis was enjoying reading a magazine distributed by niece's playgroup center due to its very helpful and guided contents that what she said suddenly just strike me.

sis : jee, when we were we young, we were not raised with "I love you"ss ar

me: *i know this time involves my own parents* I think education also plays a part

sis: *what-the-heck face* wahhh..mentang2 nak jadi graduate, smuer pasal education.

HAHHAHA.OMG. seriously, i didnt mean that way. from the bottom of my heart. oh shoot! don tell me im just behaving like one stuck up fella just becos im gonna graduate soon without realising it. hellloooo. this semester, im not sure im able to go through SMOOTHLY, what more to think of graduation. AKU NAK NANGIS NI. hehe. hopefully ey.

today is just another day for me waking up so early and the bed is just calling me to sleep back on it after missing my presence last night.