Thursday, March 01, 2007


seriously, there are just lots of stuff to "bitch" around HAHA. IT JUST MAKE UNI LIFE INTERESTING, I TELL U! ANYWAY, for the first time in this LOVELY semester, we had gathering at where-else-buttt CHICKEN HERTZ to celebrate the same-day-birthdaes of O'bek(pakcik in Boyanese language) and a newbie of our kind, Mustafa. Picsss!!!

testing camera actually tu

who wears shades indoor ????

ayam buffet sedap ahoy!

BrokenBack Hill !! HAHA

WE LOOK HAPPY. nothing else to say! HAHA

2 and half men ?? HE HE HE

COMEI nyer , erhek erhek..OK, only rose can do it so righttt !

oh BTW, diana... hmmm sad to say THAT the gokart MIGHT be in my schedule this semester..BUTTT..i hope(seriously hopeee) that this time i DO NOT go astray like ahemmm ..last semester. HEHE. hey, gokart was AFTER EXAMS anyway! haha.

this is our first week soo..maybe kinda relax giler THOU im supposed to diligently and consistently revise BUT SERIOUS, when it comes to ONE OF MY UNIT for this semester, i seriously need to think twice man! ARGHHH!


[ e z z y ] said...

we were all bitching? i can't remember. HAHA ok this is bad. and hallo last sem you didn't go astray la and the go-kart had no effect. it was more like cards? LOL.

jee1633 said...

not to forget the EIES (Ezie's Infectious Emotion Syndrome) haha

Anonymous said...

is suppose the diana refers to me. Nak ikut!!! uwahhhh!!!
Go kart woi....takpe..lain kali je aku join....meanwhile...u have fun