Thursday, January 31, 2008


i donno about other outlets buttt the one in causewaypoint, there are selling these cute little pancakes of 4 pieces a box. their filling include DURIAN, mango and chocolate hazelnut. few weeks back,i have been hesitating to buy the durian pancakes becossss hmmmmmmm u knowww the bacteria-foodpoisoning-factory-closure case. howeverrrrr,i cant resist looking at it becos definitely who doesnt agree that stuff from primadeli are really good and once i saw this one makcik bought 2 boxes. so i couldnt stand any longer anddd today i bought one anndddd its superrbbbb.tat goes without saying. actually the outer pancake is sprinkled with very fine sugar and so it tasted reallly extra goood. mum likes it soo much, dad doesnt like durian, ok since when he doesnt like durian,i didnt realise it actually.probably he likes fresh from the husk ones. for me, i would go for anything that contains real durian paste. ok, i saw one shop selling durian strudel, famous for their apple strudel. yet to try them, must be good also. next on my list perhaps.