Thursday, January 17, 2008

hilarious question. cute but hilarious.

i have never came across any interviewer asking this question anddd btw,it was by a slightly over middle-aged lady:

"so, as a muslim, are you very particular to be near men?"

and i answered "Noooooo,i love to be near them, im single!"

and big hefty hilarious laughters broke the once ever tensioned atmosphere. hell yeah, i didnt know it was coming. thats me.i know it was cheeky but hell, that was the first thing that came to my mind. ehem ehem. and this very same picture happened during my first job interview back in 2000. they asked me a question, i answered and it HAPPENED that my answer happenedddd to be reflected onto one of the interviewer who was BALD and he was in the PROGRAMMING line hahaaha. and they broke into laughter. i am so good at cracking jokes, phew phew.but who cares lah. at the end of the day, getting the job matters the most right!

unlike another interviewer, i was trying to well relax abit becos his face was abit tensioned cos the way he asked and looked at me was as though he was about to swallow my head haha. i was telling him about my availability for work and my preference was after my 2nd driving test back then.and so he asked,

"so, are you going to get a car?"

"not really, ehhhmmmm i think i would get a small remote one"

and i was smiling and he looked at me with no expression at all,haha.okayyyy, its either he didnt get the joke or these pple do not listen/tell joke.well,i tried to mend it after that.butttt, well who wants to buy a car without even a stable income? give me a job lah. wat a question. huhu. perhaps,he was seriously asking about it, and he didnt find my answer funny at all but if you think again, mine makes some sense right.huhu. but the lady who asked me tat MEN question, she was already smiling plus was abit curious as though she was dying to know what i think about it cos the other 2 men were like looking at her and probably were thinking, whyyyy you have to ask that question.huhu.i like her.i like all of them. hehe.

dont worry, only on these 2 occasions that i somehow behaved in that way which is the real me. the rest were the serious, dont play-play kinda thing :)