Monday, February 04, 2008

shocked joints..

the sudden re-activation of stagnant tissue muscles over a longgg period of time. haha. see, been lazing around for so long that my joints had MULTIPLE waves of shock. :)

alot had asked me how my first day at work was. yes, i say it was good. my immediate supervisor is very nice. my buddy from myanmar is very good and clear in delivering what has to be said although there is a barrier in language and some times, i cant get wat he said and we would end up laughing cos he was trying hard to repeat the word and there i was, pardoning to repeat himself hehe :) he is also new, replacing his colleague and being there for only 2 weeks and to know ALOTTTT of things over that short span of time, thats seriously an amazing shittt man. salute giler. i ask alot of questions. i mean, i have been like that since....hmmm...since...i forgot. did i ask alot of questions back in monash? let me recall. 1st year, lone ranger = almost a quitter. 2nd year, play play play fun play fun play. 3rd year, havoc. hehe. so eventually, i did not.

today was my 2nd day, i got introduced to 2 staff. it works this way. the staff will never get to see my face until i actually attend to them.physically, appear myself before them. so, they will be hearing either my veryyyyy sweet voice over calls or none at all. they wont even know my existence, not now. not UNTILLLLL i walk around the office acting BUSY. haha. nahhh, no way i can do that. thank God, so far it has been good except for a sharp headache today in the midst of attending calls. it was like errrr, brain block u know. like simultaneously having to jot down, read through, calling here and there. seriously,i hope i can adapt to it soon. but boss said, slowllllyyyy. learn....sooo....



[ e z z y ] said...

hahahahahaha acting busy! glad it turns out well for you!