Friday, January 11, 2008

mat rockers.

so who doesnt listen to mat jiwang songs? i listen in fact, i still do now. hehe. awie wings, salem, rahmat mega, kris, olan, bpr, damasutra huhu. the zaman gemilangs during the 90s Juara lagu. back then, we had VCR and everytime juara lagu came, without fail i will record them and would play them repetitively sampai terbenak(not sure wat this means,but heck i like to use)otakku ngn lirik2 nya. and have u heard about Kris? my personal favorite, i admired the vocalist so much at that time, i dono why. i think because he wore makeup! hahaha. ok, no.i think it was his diction, voice, nice height to look at and DROOL, the way he sang Tiara and the way he moved and his face, it was sooooo exaggerating...but in a very nice way of exaggeration.and the guitar, fulamak.menyengat!

tat is mat rockers beb!