Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year, 2008.

HArLOOWWWWW. phew phew phew. great to make it through to the new year heh :)

so so so, how was your new year or new year's eve ? im sure it was a great one. :)
ok ok ok, mine was good and was spent in clarke quay. only heard the crackling sound of fireworks while those at the high levels of the hotels around us were busy snapping pictures at the stroke of 12. there were alottt of people and it was so windy as though one big storm was about to break out.anyway,it didnt rain and people were busy spraying those confetti and those whitish stuff got onto me and cousin when a guy went on spree,spraying all over people and shouting new year greets, but that was ok, we didnt mind cos it was new year after all :) there were 2 kids playing the smaller replica of fireworks when a few of its sparks almost blew towards us and luckily didnt burn us down. aunt and sis were so funny cos they were so scared to sit by the steep stairs by the singapore river hehe. pubs and nightclubs were busy and crowded with party-goers and what we enjoyed most was seeing the bungee thingy, hehe. crazy but yet fun i guess.

my new year kicked in just fine, im happy about it :):):) happy, very happy as it is. for the few past months,i have learnt things :):):). i have learnt patience, tolerance and being more grateful for what had and is happening to me right now :) for what i know,it just takes a little prayer :):):)