Tuesday, January 29, 2008

35,000 job vacancies ?

it was reported widely, in media that as of September 2007, there is an estimation of 35,000 job vacancies.
people, 35,000. not 35. not 350. not 3500.

where the hell have they advertised these jobs. SPACE,MARS,VENUS?

i admit that my initial expected salary was seriously ridiculous and so, i lowered them. lowered it down way much. and GOD_KNOWS how many resumes i have sent. jobcentral,jobstreet,jobsdb, st701, monster, saturday recruit sections. my dad bought for me every saturday without fail, just to be so demoralised when i went thru the requirement which some of them included:

1) experienced with a very long list of languages/skills yada yada
2) fresh grads are welcome to apply, bullshit. when i went to one of my first interviews, they asked, so u donno this, donno that?
3) English and Mandarin to support Asian countries like china, hongkong(this is a classic esp for helpdesk/regional IT support)

thou there were a few adverts which i saw some light at the end of the tunnel at that time butttt how many called? lemmee see, hmmmmm 2. only 2 yessss 2.

and back to the news, interestingly those vacancies require AT LEAST a DEGREE. needed pool of talents are esp graduates. yesssss, graduatessss. you read that.
andddd one of the top professions which made up the POOL OF VACANCIES is INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY.

BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO.how amusing these reports are.im seriousllyyyyyyy impressed.

HOWEVER, i have come to learn that, most importantly tat when its meant to be ours, it will be ours.i live by that. i am grateful. even if its 35000 , 70000 or 140000 vacancies, but none of them meant to be occupied by you, what can we do right?

Of late, i have been checking into forums about people talking about being jobless/unhappy with current job/intending to quit yadayada. of similar reasons like the paycheck, unchallenging job scope, no career growth, no development and of all sorts. there are people who are way off worst than me or you guys who are gainfully employed.

my advice to those who are gonna change job or just graduated, do involve more other methods in your jobhunting. the current one im on, thankfully i made my way to my CDC(community development center) for job assistance and the officer highlighted me this website, Singapore Workforce Development Agency. thanks to her that i actually got employed :) :) :)

this is a reality check. this is me. i am reminding you, just in case you forgot. (quoted from Ali - Ummah Films)