Tuesday, January 29, 2008

27 dresses.

gals, u must watch this movie. i was having a great time, seriously great laugh over Jane. how selenge she is. hehe. katherine heigl (Grey's Anatomy), if you watched. shes one actress whom i notice that brings over the way she acted in greys serials. watching her in 27 dresses is like watching her all the same in greys that is minus off the other 4 interns hehe.
anyway, this story tells tat, no matter how hard u tried to ogle over your dream guy, ur destined one is justttt right infront of you, u never know. theres some sisterhood love there and ofcos, 27 ugly weird dresses huhu. i love her own wedding gown and her saree (traditional Indian outfit) :)


Diana said...

it kinda reminded me of myself lah sis..somehow...part dia jatuh especially...besides that...tak reti say 'NO' to ppl...*sigh*

i can't even begin to list them all...i would love to include having a guy like James Marsden (XMen-Cyclope)...sloppy guy but yet got his gentlness..hahaha....

whoisjee. said...

watt? when was that? u tumbled when trying to catch theee bouquet? or the part she selengely missed the steps? hehe
eh,why not u play the "saying NO game" with someone? haha

wait.gentleness. not the "patah" type right? hehe :)