Saturday, January 26, 2008


i chanced upon this group in moi favorite cyberperformer's favorite vids. Outlandish is made up of 2 muslims, one of moroccan background, the other a pakistani and the 3rd is of Cuban/Honduran background, a Catholic. amazing guys. amazing music and lyrics. i have listened to two and Callin' U has the elements of Arabic influences, accompanied with rap by Lenny. it just reminded me of arabic songs somewhere, i forgot. lyrics can be found here Outlandmoro - Outlandish , as it stated 'All Rights Reserved', so no copying :) in the center is Isam Bachiri(cuteeeeeee but with glasses, he looks intellectual huhu ), Lenny Martínez is the bald one and Waqas Ali Qadri. enjoy the lyrics cos its sooooo wayyyyy meaningful,hope you guys like it too :)


far said...

Congrats on new job jee! wootwoot. So did u watch sinaran hati also? Haha. Ur posts are always so interesting lah keep it coming girlfriend.

Take care and hv fun at work jee! =D

whoisjee. said...
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whoisjee. said...

thanks far!

yessss, i watched it. i bet u were droooolinnnggggg infrnt of the screen. haha. thanks for the compliment. yours too, been reading them. eh, soooo shy about it. maybe, their existence is thanks to miss idle aka nothing to do, hehe.

i think i will be idling for the first 2 weeks at work ,hehe.i will try to keep the posts coming. anddd perhaps, accompanied with ermmm slighttttt pinches of SWEARING, huhu.