Thursday, January 03, 2008

bold move.

i can say that. well, once in a while, what we think that we could get might not be in an easy way. it might take us to be bold sometimes.i mean trying other things that is way out of our own league or in short, "are u sureee?". nahh, no worries. its not even near suicidal-themed haha. like what i have read in the novel,

"dare to follow your heart?". do u ?

ah! and i forgot, new year , new look , new template :)


m0m0k12 said...

It seem to be a nice novel.:)
I'd say, Take the risk! "High risk high return" Financial Quotes! whahahaha...

whoisjee. said...

oooyessss, the novel is about the lead character dropping everything(material-wise)she has in london and going back to her alma mater and teach psychology(yes, a uni lecturer) and this happened because she believes in what oprah winfrey said, dare you follow your heart? yeshhhh,drop everything u have and follow what your heart wants :)

ok, high risk heh. im not like you lah momok. hehe.