Tuesday, January 08, 2008

share my grief. sob sob.

i failed againnnnnn. i think crank courses have problems with me, or we seriously CLASH. yes, again crank course.the last time, was striking the kerb. just now, I GOT INTO THE WRONG COURSE, the exit. yessss, with no-entry line. yesss. a crank course. and the prize, immediate failure.tat is the most horribly, stupid mistake i did. and dammit. 14points. damn damn damn. half of what i got last time, and it was allllll safety check points. argghhhhhhhh. ok ok. no point, useless brooding over it right. and so, aznorzeeha will not give up. I WILL NOT GIVE UP. hear that. when its not my time yet, it will not be yet.

next pit stop. hmmm hmmm. doing the unthinkable. follow your instincts. have u guys been in that situation. like causing all mouths to gasp when u do things unpredictably. oh, btw, i am scorpio. i tend to be unpredictable at times. things that i say i dont want to do, in the end i will do it and vice versa and yadaaaa yadaaaa. or something like, im getting engaged next week, or im getting married next month hahahahaa. okayyyy, im kidding. so have u,have u? :) u never knowwwwwwwww :)