Sunday, January 06, 2008

coming coming.

one more day to my driving test this coming tues. my first lesson yesterday was awful haha, especially the start. goodness. today's circuit was good but road was abit off especially my lane change. haha. Oh God, please let me get through this, ok.i love u, hehe, as always :)

i have pictures but im lazy to upload thou i have them here in the system. i had icecream at Island Creamery, finally.thanks to ezie :). it was grrrrreatt. i had nutella and burnt caramel topped with tiny-sized rounded choc-coated biscuits, ezie had horlicks, her lil bro had reverso(chocolate) and wen had TEH TARIK(yes, the icecream) and reverso too. hmm, have i blogged on that? had New York Pizza finally at Khatib. the base was crispy anddd i was the only customer who dined there anddd becos i was damn hungry, nice or not nice, it didnt matter to me. but the one in Harbourfront looked more appetising.

u know, sometimes when we chat and have a talk with someone who has a logical sense of thinking, it does get into my mind thinking and re-think and MAYBE God is trying to convey a message to me through this human.perhaps.who knows :)