Friday, January 25, 2008


the previous template, i didnt actually realise the missing archive links and blog links. hehe. must have really forgotten about tat. rather disturbing cos its kinda botak . and so, to bring up the life out of my blog, i decided on something orangy and whitish instead of the dull lame grey. made it look sadder isnt it. why didnt i think of tat.haiz. although i hail from IT background and if u can see others who neither earn a living from the same line nor experts in this field butttt they really know how to work their blogs really well,hehhehe. bottom line - I AM JUST LAZY. they provide templates, ready touch and make full use of them. such a shame not to recognise their hard work, u get what i mean. hehe. actually i like evildead's headerpic. its cool, ya know. ohhhhhhhhhhhh........evildead. CONGRATS!! u know what i mean. i have read :)

and here,i wanna pen some motivational words for my dear friends whom i know whats going on in your lives :)

farah, u like to say this to me. JIA YOU!! ok, sorry if i mis-spell this. nevermind the loneliness. we have been there before, right! me. you. our own desperate stories back in monash sunway. hehe. infact, whole lots of people would/will/have felt the similar way. so be strong, seriously strong thou i know u are very small-built hehehe, but i bet your heart and will (yes i really bet) is even BIGGER :)

diana, sawadikaaa. u just got back from thailand and i bet u enjoyed it despite the roaches and the bedbug. and i have been reading your blog. and yes, the busy-ness and how you are seriously tied down with alot of work and people but hey, i bet thats ups and downs of work/job/career. I,myself, do not know what is lying ahead of me, pretty soon. butttttt as cliche as it is, things happen for reasons :) hear this out,
"love your job and not your company, because you wont know when your company will stop loving you"

these words apply as well to you guys whom i am not aware of your similar complicated scenarios(i wont use that word tat starts with 'p' and ends with 'm'). as what my blog description says, "Making the best of it. Life."

friday is here and have a wonderful and greattttttttttt weekend!


Evildead_78 @ Setanmati said...

Congrates to you too Jee... Finally... u dapat keje ehhh... maybe berkat kesabaran u la nih... anyway... selamat menempuh alam pekerjaan...