Saturday, December 29, 2007

goodbye 2007, helloooooo 2008.

in two days' time, 2008 will be welcomed. that is a very nice number. 2007 where i turned 27. 2007 where i graduated. 2007 marked alot of happenings be it good or bad ones. hereby, i would like to share with you......

Highlights of 2007 (if i still can remember hehe)
-had a lil crush on my lecturer, buahahhahahahaha! cant be helped, hes HOT. why its a little crush cos at the same time, sometimes hes a pain in the ass hahahahhahhahha. but,hes a nice lecturer:)

-my only HD out of the entire years of sufferings but i am grateful for that :)

-the many many many outings and chill-outs with little sisters back in sunway :):):):)

-my convocation ceremony in september and finally,i did it.

-started on my driving-spree and liked it so much, every one of them huhuhu

-having 3 guys, each in 3 continuous days, suddenly wanting to be in the i-want-to-know-you-give-out-handphonenumbers-spree over friendster and one over the phone! (ok, this is the best hightlight! haha)

-the finale, to be back in homeland, with mum and dad and whole family :)

Downlights of 2007

-left Monash(that one i dont really care! haha) but no more of those days with my little sisters :(

-my mum got warded into Alexandra Hospital due to a mysterious jaw/teeth/gum/tongue problem of which until now we do not know whats the cause, buttttt shes perfectly okay now, reported no more pains :)

-failed my first TP, driving test that is (sux! %#@*$#)

-the many interviews that failed to make through

-2 times where i have reached the lowest point of my life :(

-my cries,my sadness,my disappointments :(

despite these negatives, for sure i am very grateful that i could make it through alive and stronger. my hope for 2008 is that it will be a very much better, best, bester one. its a nice number and farah highlighted to me on my 2nd driving test date, which is 08.01.08. so, any hope ? :)

Happy New Year, guys!!


[ e z z y ] said...

o yeaaa..grandma and her significant numbers lol.
and thank you for contributing to my many memories of 07 as well (:

whoisjee. said...

your are welcoming hehe :)