Monday, September 17, 2007


right now, im in woodlands regional library and there are 2 things here i wanna announce!

1. A HOT GUY is sitting just infront of me, who is so concentrating on whateva hes doing, ok thats a serious EYECANDY + EYEWASH. he looks like a errr hollywood star yo, ok tat is, hes not a local guy. American/Australian/Briton or NOT A surprise a Middle Eastern! HEHEHE!

2. I PASSED MY FTT. HOORAY!!! phew phew phewwwww. most of them were from the practices but bits were like errr use of ULTRA common senses will do heh! hehe :) ok i have booked my TP test which is in early feb next year! hehee .. ok im so the very the excited although its like hmmm in next 4 months hehe :):)

nevertheless, im excited and excited and the most important thing now is that im looking forward for my practicals for this week. YEEHAAAA!!!