Monday, September 10, 2007

auto auto.

hey cousin, easy life for u heh! :) auto car is bloody easy. i had my prac subject on that today. err, reminded me of DAYTONA!

i would like to own a car one day once im financially stable. perhaps a manual one :) in 2 yrs time maybe BUTTT i hv to cater to my family as well. u know, small cars cant exactly fit ALOT OF PPLE esp accomodating the plus-sizes! hehe. but wat heh, havent get license already dreaming of owning a car. but no harm done right! its just a plan, a dream. dream does come true if you want it real BAD hehe.

i would urge u pple to go try Absolute Thai anywhere in Malaysia. the one i went recently was at The Curve, Damansara. they serve awesome thai food esp the tomyam soup! bloody spicy yet its awesome ! seriously. :)

"Everyone needs a friend to hold" :) PS: Corrine May is on air now :)