Tuesday, September 11, 2007

tell me.

what does it take to impress someone? in particular, ehem.. a guy ?!!! do we have to be chatty? do we have to show concern? do we have to .... hmmm ? so wat do we have to do? i mean if a gal is too frenly with the guy, chances are it may scare the guy off rite! esp when it comes to someone who is not on the same level in terms of education-wise. its to my understanding that i realised that the guy stammered in few of our conversations. but then again, the difference between qualifications of these two does make some significance, i mean what if in the future, something realllyy bad crops up and issue of this sort pop up. bound to be, isnt it?

singles who are VERY highly-educated, where the hell do u find ur future partners heh??!! :) don tell me from your unis yo! geez ok! :) love at first sight where? outside ur lecture halls, cafeteria, tutorial rooms!! campus carpark!! HAHA.

ok this is just one of my many crappy posts! i just wonder and i blog it and i wonder again and hmmm, tell me pple!! :)


[ e z z y ] said...

what's wrong with same unis har.
infatuation at first sight in computer lab cannot meh.
same goes to you pun kan. *hint rocky* HAHAHAHAHA

but yes, one day the difference in qualification will somehow be brought up. don't worry too much, jee (:

and selamat menyambut ramadhan to you!

jee said...

oh! I FORGOT! where was urs heh? condo hostel? OR FRIENDSTER? haha :)
eik, rocky is an exception! he makes u drool *slurrppy* also, so its common! haha. ok, y are we even talking abt him??? hehe :P

1 million dollar question: who DRINKS and prays? HAHA