Thursday, September 06, 2007


u must watch HAIRSPRAY. yes diana. i agree! fantastic, hilarious, zac was HOT. even the audience at the other end of the cinema was laughing so loud that the rest of the cinema laughed too. he/she was so excited over tracy/travolta! even the parts which zoomed into zac, got some excitement and giggles from the teengals down there! and yes, their voices, songs, dance moves/choreography! FUH! Excellento! this movie is such a major success after Grease!

we had fast food looking at the situation tat plazasing has nothing much BUT fast food joints, and vanilla cone frm macdonalds! hehe. ok, cousin like the pressie so much hehe... im happy for her that she enjoyed today, her befday!


[ e z z y ] said...

jeeeeeeeeeee, it was really great to meet you up yesterday. won't be seeing each other for some time from now, will miss you muchhhh.
have fun back home!

o yeah look at one particular photo i posted-farah holding amyra. really like nenek man (teeheeeee she'll kill me)