Friday, September 14, 2007


i miss driving!
i miss my instructors!
i miss sunway!
i miss pakcik, makcik medan!
i miss our usual spot at medan!
i miss abg burger!
i miss farah, ezie, wen!
i miss rocky! OOPPPSSS hehehehe!

geez. doing good here, no worries. and i know u gals are very busy and packed with alot of studying stuff and maybe errr LOVE stuff hhehehehe!*hint hint*

okayyyy announcement here ahemmm...this coming monday is my final theory driving test! which means tat if i pass this obstacle, i can book my final practical test which i have checked that the latest next available date will be in early february next year! sooo, wish me all the best for this Mon's test ok!!

next news is, my sis and i wanted to cook !! soooo for tomoro's break-fast, i will be cooking pasta with minced meat + button mushrooms sauce!! and she will be serving POTATO SALAD with CRABSTICKS! yummyyyy!!! ok, will post up the errr pics of my hard labour tomorrow IF nothing fails! hehehe!


[ e z z y ] said...

weeee miiiiisssss yoooouuuuu toooooo!
hahaha COME ON JEE only a few more steps left to that darned license! we can't wait to zoooom around ;) i'm seriously counting down til the week break to see family & everyone else 0_0

anyway, YOU MASAK?! cepat post up the..supposed pasta :p
okay whoops sorry kene promote sikit, baik ah jee!

jee said...

yes, self-promotion!
lelong2.. beli 1 dapat best seumur hidup punyer!HUHUHU!