Thursday, September 06, 2007


HAPPY BIRTHDAY KALAAAAAAA!!! (this was from a malay drama years ago)

cousin! its ur befday today! eh, do u read this or not heh? :)
hmmm hmmm i know, im older than u, but only 1 year heh. i hope u like wat we are gonna give u huhu :) we r gonna watch Hairspray later on. i heard its a good one and the lead actress is someone whos not in the industry. hmmm interesting isnt it. we have Travolta dressed up as a woman! hehe. and SOMEHOW , they look alike yo!

damn. i miss my instructors. i miss my driving prac. err only for 2 days not in the driving-prac-primetime and all this missing u missing them! OKAYYYYY.

i dont like school holidays. i mean the primary/seconday ones. bcos the malls and everywhere, practically EVERYWHERE, EVERYCORNER are fully occupied with NOISE and occasional mischief. BUTTTT yesterday, thou there were alot of kids at vivocity, i managed to relax at a corner facing the playcourt and it didnt bother me at all cos i got a very comfortable seat and i am plugged! hehe. wat caught my attention was these PAY-RIDE-HORSES! not the real ones, the funny ones where the kids have to do lots of exercising of their BUTT to move ON them. looked stupid thou. they sud have the ones back in Sunway. the automatic, smooth running ones without injuring any parts of the body. i mean the kids'. :)

initial plan was to go to Sentosa by cable car BUT realising tat it was actually skool holidays(it took me a moment to realise after seeing so many pple everywhere in causewaypoint), i dropped the plan. had Ben&Jerrys where we gathered few months back, remember the COW. hehe. and i had this superb soto ayam at the harbourfront's hawker centre opp the interchange. thou there were alot of malay stalls, i settled for one that displayed the most appetising shredded chicken, potato balls! i had fun but a tiring one cos it was painstakingly hot :)


Diana said...

Yes yes! PLEASE! GO WATCH HAIRSPRAY...I caught it 2 days after it was midnite...I was soooo bloody sleepy..but the movie WOKE ME nerve voluntarily wants to dance each time they (the casts) dance on screen...Superb! Entertaining! Electrifying!!!!

Go go ...!!!