Thursday, September 13, 2007

doing things tat i myself cant even think of.

like below! :)
thanks farah/wen eh! :P

there was once a very famous song from this Indon movie titled Pencinta Wanita by Irwansyah of which i was so mad about! hehe. err okayy, tat was long ago.
the chorus goes something like "Aku memang pencinta wanita, tapi aku bukan buaya...."
ok, initially it was so funny when we heard this from my little niece who loves this song very much.

niece : aku cinta banana mu !!!
we : *faint*
ok tat was so funny cos we werent sure whether she really knew wats that BANANA about butttt she confessed that she loves banana!

my dad is addressed as Tok Ki (grandpa in Malaccan lang) among my nieces and nephews.
soooo, few days later, she UPGRADED the lyrics to .....

niece : aku cinta banana TOK KI! *with tat cheeky smile*