Friday, September 28, 2007

bazaar bazaar.

we are into 15th/16th ramadhan now and i have been to bazaar next to causewaypoint quiteee frequent not that there are pple to wash-eyes on heh huhu butttt the foood there and the customers never fail to cease esp the ones with the longest queues evaaa! a few i have spotted were the self-acclaimed best briyaniiiiss, the self-acclaimed best BOON LAY nasi lemak Power, ohh and there is the Geylang Serai Chendol, andddddddddd the ever BURGER RAMLY stall. okayyyy, tat seriously reminded me of ABANG BURGER back in sunway huahuaahhaa. i wonder how hes doing! anyway, this guy will crack God-knows-number-of-eggs onto the cooking stove and place like wat, 20 patties! and top it over with cheese each! its a no wonder that the queue has always been long.sanggup woh! okayyy, blame our local fastfood outlets for failing to keep up to Burger Ramly's touch! besides these competitors, the rest are normal food like the sweet delicacies, iced beverages, otak2 and others which welll, seemed not to attract much of attention thou. :) ohhh, and i have never been to geylang and frankly, geylang on weekend is a taboo for me! SERIOUSLY.