Wednesday, September 26, 2007

rare isnt it?

i was out with my galfrens (arent they beaming!!) yesterday and there were alot of updates hehe.
and i came upon a FINDING that, its seriously rare to chance upon guys who are shy AND nice :) i have got 2 living examples here hehe :)

and another thing also (it has not been upgraded to fact yet!), guys who are not highly-educated tend to be more humble than those are up in the skyhigh. i dont mean to say all "skyliners" are that bad, but if there are gals who can prove a cluster, what more can I say ? :)

everyone has their own weaknesses, no one is perfect here. infact i have my own weaknesses, alottttt :) its just the matter of working on it or just ignore and surrender to plain ego :)