Friday, August 17, 2007

wat is it called?

since fergie and the other errr Akon i guess, i have been hearing similar lyrics like "BEAUTIFUL", "BIG GIRLS" ("I like skinny gals, I like big gals", ok whos tat from?) in a few one or 2 more songs. this is err not actually copying. in a proper way, it's TAPPING INTO ALREADY EXISTING RESOURCES/WORK of others! :)

watever goes after good stuff, will definitely receive good responses with wide open arms! its like err how Macdonalds came out with their numerous chicken offerings(ok tat sounded like OFFERINGs to the Hungry Ghosts!oh, i think its that month of the year now. Ok random!) and KFC with their BIG FISH burgers quite some time ago and they were superb, haha. ok, now i feel like eating A&W! i miss A&W! i miss PYRAMID! BLUE! YELLOW! MEDAN! RSB! CURVE! SHEESHA! opps :P

IM OFFICIALLY FAN OF 98.7! THESE DJS ARE DAMN FUNNY & SPONTANEOUS. I ONLY REMEMBERED ERR DANIEL. THE REST, I ENJOYED THEIR HUMOR ESP. GUYS, STOP TEASING TAT POOR DJ thou i donno wats her name! he he he. my mornings are never gonna be the same! hurray!!


[ e z z y ] said...

ok i haven't been updating myself with this space lately so i'm abit slow ah.
1) yes corrinne may is singaporean! quite a gem isn't she?
2) big girls rock! hahahahahah
3) HAHA my mata terbeliak seketika at the sheesha part. sungguh tak kene dalam sentence. and the 'opps' punye la innocent. hahahahaha.

and yepp, your presence has always been missed (:

[ e z z y ] said...

oh and i baru tukar blogskin and i just realized that we have the same one but different colours! hahaha sorry eh tercopy.

jee1633 said...