Tuesday, August 07, 2007

sheet sheet!

O shyte! first prac will be this friday!
wat have i got myself into ?


[ e z z y ] said...

remember gee, PATIENCE when handling the car. have a clear mind, relax. please do not overestimate your car and floor the accelerator, thinking it's a Nissan Skyline and you're on Daytona or something, when it's only a Honda sedan :p
(even if you wanna floor it down, remember to let go of the clutch haha)
oops i forgot, 1st practical lesson is learning how to start the car and know the car parts kwangkwangkwanggg :p

ok don't kill me..
you'll do great, based on 'experience' haha.
we're all waiting for some vroomvroom action nyeehehe.
have fun!

jee1633 said...

OMG! tat is so boring! one of the new Honday City cars i hope! and thank u for the "cheat-my-feelings" moment ek, which lasted for 2 secs! :)