Friday, August 24, 2007

roadie roadie.

it has been quite a while since i blogged. not exactly BUSY, looking at the fact that now i have an adopted black gal to take care of (HAHA) plus her mummy and daddey! im a road menace now, beware of my existence at Bukit Batok area haha. geez, my biting point still sucks man! ok watever heh. as long as the car moves, im more than happy heh heh.

nothing much to update. i have not been feeling well lately becos i STUFFED myself to almost beyond acceptable level. fuh.

1. had dessert and charkway at noon!
2. had popcorn + coke!
3. had McD latte + 6 pcs nuggets! (wth. i think tats errr teabreak! second one!)
4. had dinner consisting one FULL plate of rice, chilli prawn, fried fish and belacan!

all this in the span of a day!
and wat i got, endless visits to the jamban!