Sunday, August 26, 2007

stage 2.

im in stage 2 now and i got the not-the-usual-car-model today. and the pedals were abit not aligned as compared to City. i had no choice but to continue with the session. the instructor must be wondering how the hell i managed to get over stage 1 BUT i got cleared 2 subjects thou. so, its not bad after all. and i got HORNED TWICE by impatient morons who are F****** blind. wat! cant they see the F****** school labels and the F****** L plate. F****** morons.

ok enuff, i am satisfied.

we had superb late lunch at Al-Ameen Bukit Batok. i tell u, i loveeeeeee the food there. it seems they are much more better than the one in Woodlands. and after that, we headed down to cousin's PRE-MARRIAGE appointment. he he he. got the chance to wash eyes on this bridal male model! hekhek. thou an eye-candy BUT it lasted like 2 mins and off we went! discuss here and there, confirm here and there, pay here and there, settled and i went for my haircut. my hair grow quite fast and also, it is time to BUANG ALL THE SUEH! HAHA. today was fun! i like today. and tomoro is doom's day! will update soon :)