Thursday, August 16, 2007

chatty chat.

i had this conversation and i am not gonna disclose with who and where.

only just for a first meeting, we chatted and it just knocked some sense into myself. i donno whether its meant to be tat way that im there, and that person is there too err like its destined. its like ok Aznorzeeha, this time this day, u r supposed to meet this person there and wat time and LISTEN! to watever advice which has to be disseminated :) and hopefully THEY STAY IN MY HEAD FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE! actually, right now as in at this moment, tat phrase is still lingering arnd my head!

i m pleased to hear praises or how proud pple are to know that their own community are doing well in education now. determination/motivation to go up to a higher level is not easy to come by, wats more to actually GO THROUGH it in getting that piece of cert! PLUS sufficient financial aids to accommodate is another factor. not everyone has the opportunity to have that luxury and if they do want, their only hope is in their offspring! the determination to finance and equip them with good education, setting goals and ensuring they have good life in future, looking at the fact that standard of living here is considerably high. that is the vision my community should/must have for the next generation. soaring numbers, succeed and reaping their fruits of labour, isnt that what we should be proud of ?

a phrase which is so well known abt my community. this stereotyped-phrase.
"orang melayu malas". what can we do about it? absorb it. think.