Friday, August 10, 2007


for the first time, i moved/drove a REAL car!!!(not daytona, not GT :P) biting point wasnt easy for me. have to practise more. annddddd instructor asked me whether i PLAYED DAYTONA when i handled the steering wheel. i looked/stared at him and time froze for 2 secs! woohooooo! ok i rest my case! haha. DONT ROLL YOUR EYES OK!

next prac will be turning and more of biting point/move off/reverse practices! and i have to pass BTT for the first time so tat he can bring me out to public. too fast heh. but watever it is, im glad that i moved the car and the first time is over! hehe. looking forward to future pracs!

and guess wat! last minute plan to MELAKA tomoro!!!! :) and i had my job interview this morning anddddd wait and see, thats all i can say at the moment :) Such a GREAT WEEKEND AND GREAT POST NATIONAL DAY :)


Diana said...

Congrats! Congrats!
first for finally taking you driving licence :)
second for getting a job interview

wish u the very best in yet another chapter in your already colourful life sista !!!!