Monday, August 27, 2007

i believe.

i believe that success comes with hardwork, determination and the HEART. the heart has to tell you that you want it really bad. when there is a will, there's definitely a way. 1000 excuses can be made up if the heart doesn't want it at all. to keep going, i know it's just so tiring. to maintain, it's even worst. but hey, before u even know it, you are actually doing it and what you have feared the last time, actually u are overcoming it. and you just tell yourself that this is what i feared to do the last time. its just miracuously happening. now. this moment. i am going through it. why didn't i overcome it the last time? it just takes the HEART, the DETERMINATION, whether i want to MAKE IT HAPPEN. this was wat someone told me straight into my face. MAKE IT HAPPEN. :)

going through life, meeting strangers and hearing these words of encouragement is rare. things happen for a reason. i go there and here and everywhere else at this point of time, at this hour. for wat? why? there are reasons. words dont just fall from the sky. it needs to be communicated through humans. a simple gesture or infact a smile, words of encouragement will sure make you perked up, confident and overcome FEAR. and when u overcome it, u are just proud of yourself.