Monday, August 06, 2007

grey cheat my feelings!

i know. its HOLLYWOOD! im not supposed to fall for it! but again, ugh ! i have been spending some time in Alexandra Hospital and observed THE INTERNS or sud i say THE MEDIC STUDENTS WHO ARE IN FOR ATTACHMENTS who are not at all as glam as those in Grey's (ok laugh pple laugh). they cheat my feelings! he he. ok watever anything! OH btw, there are DRINKS with these names here u know! thou i have not tried any of them yet! feedback were not nice, tasteless, WATEVER. ok it really lives up to the name!

anddddd finally im going for basic theory test after so much anticipation and the waiting for FIRST practical lesson in END sept is really killing me! dread it thou seriously i am nervous actually! how am i supposed to face the instructor??? what if i make clumsy/selenge(HI EZIE! its your league here!) mistakes. PAISEH MAN! ok nvm ! then wats tat bloody 68 dollars for heh ?? YESH. its the price for A lesson to hold the car for 100 minutes here! "CHEAP" rite??!!


for my sporean gals in KL, pls pls take care of urselves cos of late, there was news abt a gal who got raped and killed in KL, in her rented apartmnt. So, PLEASE be aware of your surroundings outside AND inside your house and this applies to all my gal-frens living there as well, OK!


[ e z z y ] said...

eyyyyy i have my Class 3 Intl license with my Baru-Habis-Nangis-Pasal-Kene-Marah-Dgn-Tester face to PROVE to you that Selenge/Clumsy does not apply to me when driving hokayyyy :D

jee1633 said...

HAHA. tat face...i shall remember and it shall be my determination factor to get mine! HAHA