Wednesday, August 15, 2007

turning turning.


second instructor was much more friendlier and approachable + chatty SO its fun to chat with err while IM DRIVING! huhuu. DRIVING WAS FUN!!! hahah. i have adapted + blessed my FOOT to the pedals and we turned into bends for errr...70 mins!! haha. and bloody hell, i tot the prac was at 8.40PM. actually it was AN HOUR later!! ugh. actually driving at nite is much err relaxed cos everyone seemed to drive VERY very very SLOW! hehe. esp the turning-in-bends learners LIKE ME! i have not had any DAY prac yet thou. OOOooooOO, and changing gear too :) next lesson will be harder, so i am so looking forward huhu! cousin, good luck for your eval!!